Trickster Tipster Nov 08

Liverpool's dark magic to run out against Man City's blue moon

The answers to the EPL are in the palm of my hand. 


I know it’s only week 12 of the season, but will it be such a stretch to call the Liverpool and Manchester City game a title decider? 


Because, as it stands, the Reds look like they are going to win every single game, regardless of whether they are performing or not. The win last weekend against Aston Villa and that penalty shootout win over Arsenal in the Carabao Cup prove so. 


Which is why I suspect that someone in Liverpool might be practicing some dark magic to give them leverage over their opponents. How else can you explain their fortunes this season, while their title rivals Man City are suffering so much? 


Dark magic is something us fengshui practitioners won’t want to dabble in. Because it can cause you serious consequences. Maybe that’s why Liverpool, while still getting the results, haven’t gotten much from Mo Salah. 


Coincidentally, the sea level has risen again. The last time it happened, Man City won the Community Shield


I’m not too sure how much of an effect it will have, but it appears that there’s an intervention from a higher power now to stop the dark magic. That does sound like there’s a second coming... Oh wait, I shouldn’t be mixing fengshui and religion together. 


Anyway, back to fengshui. There’s a reason why the sea level has risen as well. It’s because the moon will be shining the brightest on Sunday. Guess what Man City’s song is called? Blue Moon. 


Coincidence? I think not. Take Man City to triumph 2-1 against Liverpool. 


Fitness Babe: Leicester City vs Arsenal 

Fitness is life, the obese are lame. Without fitness, you can’t win the game!


Have you heard what Brendan Rodgers said at his press conference? He basically trolled Arsenal by suggesting that Leicester City was a bigger club now. That’s a manager with confidence and I like a man with confidence - unlike Unai Emery, who is looking more and more like an actual troll. No wonder the Arsenal players look terrified on the pitch. 


Take Leicester to win 2-0! 


Shady Hacker: Chelsea vs Crystal Palace

You don’t know me. But I know you. And everything about the EPL too.


Chelsea’s comeback against Ajax (they drew 4-4 after trailing 1-4 in the Champions League group-stage match) has given them a boost, and they realise that manager Frank Lampard comes as advertised - someone who is very frank. So Lampard has told his players that they should have no issues against a Crystal Palace team with no real identity this year, and the players are in fantastic mood now. Meanwhile, Palace are pretty disjointed now. Wilfried Zaha has again isolated himself from his teammates due to their incompetence, and Roy Hodsgon has - once again - no idea what to do. 


Chelsea to win 3-1! 


Math Genius: Manchester United vs Brighton

(Statistics + algebra – probability) x me = 100% accurate EPL predictions.


Of the six Premier League matches Manchester United have played this season following a mid-week game, they have won only once - not a good sign for Ole Gunnar Solskjaer men. That inconsistency means their fear factor drops by 2.3 points to 0.9 - which means Brighton have nothing to worry about. The Seagulls on the other hand, have a 74 per cent chance of winning the game, having won three times in their last four matches. But since the game is held at Old Trafford, that rate drops to 23 per cent. 


Considering the numbers, take Man Utd and Brighton to draw 2-2. 



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