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Ozil's focused on reclaiming his rightful place as Arsenal's hero

Who would have thought that the first top-of-the-table clash this season would be between Liverpool…and Arsenal? 


But the table does not lie - the Gunners are deservedly mixing it up with the big guns, after winning maximum points from their first two games with victories over Newcastle and Burnley. 


And while many may pinpoint striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang as Arsenal’s most important player for their match against Liverpool, we at FBS believe that it will be another player who will be the difference for the Gunners.


Mesut Ozil.


With the German World Cup winner back in training, the stage is set for Ozil to help his team end a string of embarrassing defeats against Liverpool at Anfield. 


We take a look at what Ozil has been doing to prepare himself for this weekend’s match against the Reds. 


FBS says: Ozil stalking Liverpool’s Twitter feed on his phone. Has obviously realised that they aren’t as good as everyone makes them out to be - just look at the German clenching his fist triumphantly.


FBS says: As the top player at the club (in terms of wages, at least), Ozil knows fans will be counting on him to unlock Liverpool’s defence this weekend. Judging by his relaxed smile, he’s not in any way being weighed down by expectations,. Pressure? What’s that?


FBS says: Ozil trying his best to get away from team-mate Mohamed Elneny. Evidently does not want to be associated in any way with a serial benchwarmer.


FBS says: Ozil setting his sights on regaining what’s rightfully his - the no. 10 spot in Arsenal’s first team. And he’s going to grab it back no matter what, both figuratively and literally. Dani Ceballos knows he’s fighting a losing battle.




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