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Tottenham Hotspur 1 Watford 0 - Spurs make history thanks to Arsenal

It is often ingrained in a Spurs fan’s DNA to take whatever positives they can during a season. What else can one do when Tottenham Hotspur’s trophy cabinet is as empty as my wallet before payday?


It’s not a bad way to live, this hakuna matata mindset, because one is a lot less disappointed when things inevitably go wrong. You see, if you date a girl that always stops being frisky just before the climax, you need to learn to celebrate the journey, even if you never see the destination, which is pretty much the lesson almost every other good movie teaches us.


So yes, this will pretty much be a celebratory piece of Spurs making Premier League history, as it marks the first time ever that Spurs sit on top of the table while their North London rivals Arsenal are anchored right at the bottom.


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Will it last? There’s as much chance of that as Emma Stone suddenly waking up one morning and realising that I’m the man of her dreams. Seeing there’s not even a chance she will realise I exist, I would say this record will probably only last for one more match day, as Arsenal’s next match is a battle of the relegation strugglers with Norwich, and as much as the ball is round, you really can’t see Arsenal not scoring and winning that match.


Still, hakuna matata, right?


This is fun, being able to put in print that Spurs have not conceded a single goal in three league matches and Arsenal haven’t managed to score even one.


And yes, as much as statistics will make it look like our defence is impenetrable, the reality is that it could have gone pretty bad for us had Manchester City and Wolves had more of an end product.


Not so much Watford though. Hugo Lloris didn’t have much to do in our goal, as our defence handled their graft rather comfortably, and short of Moussa Sissoko almost crafting a good chance out of nothing for Watford on his debut, the hornets didn’t really create that many nervy moments for the Spurs defence.


You could also make the argument that the Watford defence weren’t overly troubled as well, even if the statistics showed that Spurs had 8 shots on target. In truth, there was a huge slice of luck that the Watford keeper couldn’t anticipate that Son Heung Min’s free kick curler would evade everyone and bounce into goal in the 42nd minute. 


Other than that, an early save after Japhet Tanganga tried to poke home a goal-mouth scramble, Dele Alli slicing wide from a great Kane cut back across the box in the second half and a great save from a Kane shot inside the box late in the game were pretty much all that would have made a highlights clip.


The game was an epitome of a boring, boring 1-0, but Spurs fans wouldn’t mind that as they rush to resurrect the professional picture framing industry so that they can have a framed copy of the league table on their bedroom wall. 


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Of course, being top of the table three games into the season isn’t exactly something to get overly excited about, we all know this. The league is a marathon and very few marathon champions sprint out of the gates and cross the finish line first. 


However, as Spurs are trying to get back into the Champions League spots, this win represented giving Spurs some daylight with fellow contenders such as Liverpool, Chelsea, City, Manchester United and less importantly, a nine-point advantage to prevent the resurrection of St Totteringham’s Day.


Given the way Spurs are somewhat laboring to their wins, you would imagine every advantage is necessary when the points are tallied at the end of the season. 


There is, however, a bit of deja vu to the three Spurs wins and sitting at the top of the table. I mean, Jose Mourinho did it last season, didn’t he, but in the end, the style of play would eventually mean his downfall, as no team can win the league by needing to be clinical in the few chances they create every match, even if one does have the most clinical finisher in English football since Alan Shearer.


Spurs fans, as is often said, would only tolerate this so long as we are winning, but once we start a winless streak, the knives would come out quickly. If Nuno can pull off another 35 1-0 wins, then no one will care how Spurs got there and in fact, pundits would put him on the pedestal as one of the world’s greatest football managers.


But we all know that’s not going to happen, probably as soon as in two matchweek’s time when Chelsea visit the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium.


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That, however, is tomorrow’s problem. Today, it just feels like no worries for the rest of our days. 




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