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Manchester United fans want the EPL season cancelled - like you need to know the reason why


The Netherlands’ Eredivisie has done it – cancelled their league with nine matches to go – and the head of the Dutch FA thinks it’s unlikely the English Premier League will be able to be completed.


UEFA is aiming for a June 1 restart of all the European leagues, but has said that some leagues could be cancelled in special cases, without indicating what these special cases are. 


However, Liverpool leading the English Premier League by 25 points with nine matches remaining and Manchester United fans hoping that Liverpool are denied their first Premier League title - and their first league title in three decades - are probably not the special cases that UEFA is referring to.


MUFC fan Evan believes in keeping to schedules. Especially when it comes at the expense of Liverpool

Manchester United fan Evan Ng, however, insists that the Premier League should have been shut down a long time ago.


“I can’t believe that people are still talking about whether or not the EPL season should be cancelled. Come on already! The decision to cancel the season should have already been taken a month ago! Take the lead from the Eredivisie!” he demands pompously.


While Singapore is scheduled to relax circuit-breaking measures in June, he believes the situation is worse in the UK and Europe.


“You’d hope that by August or September, things can get better over there, but it’ll probably be some way from being normal,” says the human resource professional.


And looking at the timeline, not the 40-point gap between league leaders Liverpool and their arch-rivals Manchester United in fifth place, Evan feels this season may not even be completed by September, and prolonging the league this season, which Manchester United have absolutely no chance of winning, will be at the expense of the next EPL campaign.


“Cancelling this season now will allow the clubs and FA to plan for the start of the next season proper, when they hopefully can, and not be hamstrung by having to also think of how to complete this one. 


“It’s already gone,” proclaims Evan, referring to the league, not Manchester United’s chances. He sees a cancellation as the only responsible and logical conclusion to the league.


“Only Liverpool fans and their apologists are demanding that the season be completed, or if it is cancelled, that Liverpool be awarded the title,” he adds.


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So how would this Manchester United fan feel about awarding Liverpool the title, seeing as they are 25 points ahead and would win it in three wins or nine points out of their remaining nine matches?


Evan feels that, like the Eredivisie, no champion should be declared, even though the first and second places of the Dutch league are separated by goal difference, not 25 points. But he remains clear in his head that this view is not tainted by any emotional attachment to the Red Devils.


“If the title has yet been won mathematically, then nothing is to be awarded. Simple as that. It’s life and things happen. It is in all logical sense the right thing to do. It’s irresponsible to do or demand otherwise.” 


MUFC fan Geist's beating the drum for the EPL to be cancelled.

Geist Fok, also a Manchester United fan, feels that a cancellation of the league at this stage would be unfair, but admits he will be happy that Liverpool do not win the title as a result. 


“As a football fan, I think it will be unfair,” concedes the musician, who performs as a drummer. 


“However, as a United fan, I'm happy that Liverpool will not win the league if it is cancelled,” he admits. But he says it’s not because he hates Liverpool.


“It’s more so because of their irritating fans,” he explains. “I sure would love to see their faces when they’re denied the title, after coming so close again.” 


“Jokes and banter aside, as a football lover, I think it will be unfair to the club and the Liverpool players, if the league were cancelled. I would sure want to see United in the Champions League next season, and we have a good chance of getting there,” says Geist.


And yes, if he had a say in the decision, he would love it if the English Premier League were cancelled. 


“As a United fan, yes,” he says, laughing. “Basically, I know who would have won it. But since when are football fans fair or unbiased?”


Well, look at the name above, chum. Anyway, would he feel sorry for Liverpool fans, should the league be cancelled?




Not even despite the fact they’ve worked so hard to be 25 points in the clear? No sympathy for them at all?


Geist remains adamant. 


“Really, no. I feel pity for the Championship teams that could’ve been promoted to the Premier League, but I’m not sorry for Liverpool,” he adds.


Who knew that Solskjaer Tan would be the most unbiased MUFC fan around?

Even Football Siao’s own Solskjaer Tan feels that the EPL should be abandoned. However, and perhaps surprisingly, the Manchester United fan feels a little sorry for the fans of his team’s bitter rivals.


“Look at the points gap. Just call Liverpool Interim Champions. Or Provisional Champions,” says Solskjaer. But he feels that the health concerns are reason enough for the league to be scrapped.


“Are fans really gonna sing and chant through their masks? Maybe they should save their applause at matches for the NHS instead,” he says.


He realises, though, that a “provisional” title is not something Liverpool or their fans would relish.


“Unfortunately, no one wins from this title. Liverpool don’t want the word Provisional, other teams don’t want them to be called Champions.


“It sucks, but you can't help but feel for them. They didn’t put a foot wrong this whole season. And with football, you never know what is going to happen next season.”


But he feels there are good reasons to end the league now. 


“If the Premier League is to continue as scheduled, maybe even behind closed doors, it’s like the other teams are just doing Liverpool a favour by completing the fixtures so they can win the title,” he explains. But there could also be a serious health risk which he worries about.


He points out that when the German league – the Bundesliga – considered completing the season behind closed doors, there were concerns that it would not be good for social distancing.


“Fans may still pack the outside of the stadiums and that does not help with containment,” he explains.


So Solskjaer – perhaps the most impartial United fan on this planet – feels sorry for Liverpool and their fans for coming so close to the title and being denied again.


“It’s quite different from the last time they slipped up (in 2014). Because that was their own mistake. This one is because of the coronavirus. What to do?”


Liverpool fan Patrick will gladly accept the EPL title now, warts and all.

Meanwhile, Liverpool fan Patrick Chng feels that the league needs to be completed, or at least, the title awarded to Liverpool if that isn’t possible.


“Of course, the season has to be completed,” says the allied educator, who works with students with special needs. “The next season can always be delayed.”


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However, if the schedules do not permit such a delay, he thinks Liverpool have done enough to claim the title.


“Although it’s tainted, Liverpool deserve it,” he says.


And to fans like Evan who feel that the season should be cancelled and that Liverpool need to at least win it mathematically, Patrick has two words:


“Sour grapes.”


But Patrick, who now plays in a band called TypeWriter and who you may remember as being in the local band in the 1990s called Oddfellows, is terribly frustrated at the situation his great team is in.


“We could have been the team that wins it the earliest... now it’s been delayed and we’re not even sure if and how it’s gonna end,” he laments. He hopes, at least, that the matches can be resumed, even if they’re played behind closed doors so fans can at least catch the matches on TV. 


“They can play to empty stadiums but it’s something for us football fans to look forward to,” he says. “It’ll be good for the mental health of many.”


Liverpool fan Leslie remains stoic in the face of gloating United fans.

Leslie Chew, also a Liverpool fan, shares Patrick’s frustration at their team’s unfinished season. But while Manchester United fans continue to irritate him, he says he has transcended their taunts.


“I believe the English FA will do what they feel is right during this time. As a Liverpool fan, it's frustrating  – so near and yet so far.


“But I hope that a postponement, rather than a cancellation, would be the final call.”


And United fans baying for the league to end have little effect on him. 


“This pandemic does make you reflect on what is truly important in life,” he explains, and the important things do not include United fans.


United fans, though, need the last word on every footballing matter. Even if they’re 40 points too far to matter.


MUFC fan Stephen has a nice collection of coffee cups he's willing to give to Liverpool.

One such fan is Stephen Francis, who has been calling for an end to the Premier League long before the coronavirus even had a name.


“They should restart the Premier League!” he exclaims, without offering any real explanation for his demand.


But would he not feel at least just a little sympathy for Liverpool and their fans, seeing as they’ve come so close to the title, so far ahead of the rest, and after such a long, agonising wait? 

No. It’s not his problem. 


“They’ve got no luck, that’s all,” he says. 


“If they want a trophy or title, I will give them a coffee cup!” he offers, which he feels is more than Liverpool and their fans deserve. He insists he feels more for the clubs that are fighting relegation. Perhaps that’s because his beloved Manchester United are closer to them – in the number of points they’ve acquired this season. But he has no love for the Reds. 


“They can wait till next season,” he says.




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