Siao Mates Dec 05

Man United fans can now hope they win against Man City – there's Leicester to keep Liverpool honest


We’ll be expecting some Manchester United jerseys to be aired today.


And why not, after their impressive 2-1 win against visiting former boss Jose Mourinho’s Tottenham Hotspur this morning?


One of those red jerseys might belong to my Siao Mate, Nigel Chin, who was understandably elated at the result.


“Wonderful from Solskjaer and United!” he declared at the final whistle, praising his team and every Liverpool fan’s favourite United manager.


Nigel and his fellow United fans, though, will probably be drowned out by a sea of a different red, given that Liverpool despatched Everton to the relegation zone after a 5-2 thrashing with their reserve strike force in the Merseyside Derby.

I don't even know who you are - Thanos


Nigel will remain defiant, as he did just after half time during the United v Spurs match. No sooner had I told him that I was preparing his membership card for the Football Siao! Leicester City Fan Club than he replied: “Hold on to that first!”


That was because Marcus Rashford had displayed nerves of steel to score from the spot and put United 2-1 ahead with what would end up being the winning goal.




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I’ve no doubt that spot-kick has put many a United fan like Nigel in a spot. Because next up, they will face derby rivals Manchester City at the Etihad Stadium, and a win or even a draw against Pep Guardiola’s side would destroy whatever remaining shreds of hope they have of challenging Liverpool in the title race.


So what are his thoughts before the Manchester derby? Does he believe United can steal a couple of points or three?

“I reckon they will be up for it after a morale-boosting win. United have now lost just twice in their last 15 games in all competitions, so that indicates we’re making progress under Solskjaer,” he replied, once again singing the praises of every Liverpool fan’s favourite Manchester United boss. 

Ole boleh!


Nigel hopes that United can score against their neighbours with counter-attacking play.


“Especially since Man City and Guardiola love possession a lot,” he explained. “But honestly, a draw will be a good result, all things considered.”


And he is not worried that City will no longer be able to keep the pressure on – I’ll say it again and I know I can’t jinx them –  an invincible Liverpool side who are probably going to win their first Premier League title, and their first championship in 30 years.


“Yeah,” he conceded. “Anyway, they are so far behind Liverpool, there’s no need to cheer them on anymore,” he added. 


So finally, Nigel and the millions of United fans in Singapore can let go of the indignity of having to support the other Manchester team in the hope that City would prevent their great rivals from winning the league title for the first time in three decades.


“We can leave it to Leicester to stop Liverpool now, so I hope Manchester City start dropping more points,” he said, echoing an outcome I had predicted at the beginning of last month. 

Fighting for the EPL title. Literally.


So there you have it, United fans. Like Siao Mate Nigel Chin, you no longer need to sing the Blues and continue suffering the humiliation and guilt of having to back City like you did the whole of last season and the first 15 games of this one.


Because there’s your second-favourite team, your mistress, Leicester City – three points ahead of Manchester City (after winning 2-0 against Watford this morning) and eight behind Liverpool – to keep your greatest rivals honest. 


So go ahead, Nigel and all your fellow United fans – support your favourite team with all the passion in your hearts when you face Manchester City this weekend. 


But know this: You’ll be united with your great rivals Liverpool and all their fans as they, too, would probably be shamelessly supporting Manchester United and their second favourite manager Solskjaer on Saturday.  




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