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Five things Liverpool fans must consider despite their team’s 5-0 win over United


It’s a great day to be a Liverpool fan, so congratulations on your team’s astounding win against your arch-rivals on their home turf. 


No fan of the Reds will forget this morning’s (SGT) 0-5 destruction by their team of Manchester United anytime soon, and I’m sure you will make Old Thrashed’ford a lasting nightmare for the fans of your great rivals.


WATCH: Klopp's describes Liverpool's thrashing of United as "Wow"


But before you run out to paint the town Anfield Red to celebrate your team’s magnificent exploits this morning, calm down and consider these five points:


Your team has just signed Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s death warrant

Your team could be the Valkyrie that flies this Nordic hero out of Old Trafford. He was greatly loved as a player but much less now as a manager. Except by Liverpool fans, of course. The Norwegian has probably already sealed his place in history as the greatest manager of Manchester Untitled but few would argue after last night’s result that the former United super-sub is completely out of his depth as a Premier League manager and needs to be substituted sooner rather than later. Some of my United-supporting fans went straight to bed when they saw the line-up which revealed that Ole thought a group of two in midfield – McFred – was a great idea against an in-form Liverpool. They woke up to see their team looking like Fred chicken.  

Solskjaer declared post-match that this is his darkest day as a Manchester United lad and that they’ve hit rock bottom. While he remains defiant about remaining at the helm despite the loss, it could well have been the final nail for him. Ole’s bosses may feel that they need a better manager to take them out of rock bottom. And it’s all your team’s fault for exposing him so badly today.


WATCH: Solskjaer labels United's defeat to Liverpool his "darkest day"


Thanks for not making it six

Or seven. Or eight. Or even nine. Despite playing against 10 men after Paul Pogba’s horrifying tackle on Naby Keita earned him a straight red.

Yes, Liverpool were merciful to stop at five to equal Manchester United’s biggest home defeats in the Premier League. But not scoring a sixth means more than denying Jurgen Klopp a chance of reprising his sexy little spoof on that silly ditty when Liverpool won their sixth top European title in Madrid 2019. Now United fans will argue that the 1-6 home defeats against Tottenham Hotspur last season and Manchester City in 2011 were worse than this morning’s results, despite their manager’s pronouncements.


It’s your best (and possibly last) chance for 20

While you bask in the glory of this morning’s victory, remember that your Liverpool are still only on 19 titles – that’s one fewer than the great rivals you so convincingly demolished this morning. Now that Manchester United has so graciously stepped aside for you to chase your 20th English league title, you need to make the best of it. As it is, you are already struggling against petrol fund manager Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City.


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Next season, Newcastle, too, will be chasing for glory in the English Petroleum League as their Midde-eastern owners look for a return on their investment. Which will make it more difficult for Liverpool unless every team in the Premier League this season conspires to stop the Magpies winning matches so they get relegated to become the wealthiest team to play in the second tier of their domestic league. That’s not likely to happen, of course, as things will change once the transfer window opens. Hold on to your key players during that period when Tyneside becomes the new promised land. 


Before you build that Mo Salah monument...

The hero of the moment, the planet’s best player and Ballon d’Or favourite scored a hattrick for Liverpool against their arch-nemesis, which is the best dream come true for any Liverpool player in the Theatre of Dreams. 


But wake up to the reality that while he may be electric this season, your great Egyptian could be representing a team that’s fuelled by petrol.


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Yes, Mo Salah’s headline-hattrick at Old Trafford will be the show talked about by Liverpool fans for decades. But before you build that statue of Mo Salah at Anfield sticking his tongue out in the direction of Manchester, maybe tie him down to a lifetime contract and pay him what he is asking for and more, because it’s never about loyalty, only money. The only loyalty that a football club gets is yours, even though you don’t get paid for it.


Liverpool were very lucky

Your team was very lucky. Yes, Liverpool were more than excellent, but they were lucky in the same way Aston Villa were when they defeated your team 7-2 just over a year ago. You will deny it, but the referee was obviously on your side. Come on, six yellow cards and a red for Manchester United and none for Liverpool? Disallowing greatest-of-all-time contender Cristiano Ronaldo’s goal when Liverpool were five goals up to deny United the comeback of a lifetime? Even Edinson Cavani’s gallant effort to reduce the deficit was denied when his goal attempt at point-blank range bounced off Andy Robertson to hit Ed’s Woodwork.


Yes, thank your stars on the pitch, and your lucky stars for a night in which everything went right for Liverpool while nothing did for Manchester United. 


So, celebrate the crushing of your enemies, but remember it’s only three points – there are no bonus points for thrashing the team that has been the reason for your suffering as a Liverpool fan for the greater part of your life so far.


But go ahead, be smug, be insufferable, brag for as long as you can – for as a fan, that is your right. Especially since every Manchester United fan will find it very wrong. And have the last laugh today, because, like all the despondent Manchester United fans discovered as they left the stadium before the final whistle went: You’ll Never Walk Alone. 




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