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Eh, Liverpool fans, jangan tension lah


I was seriously tickled by the comments from some Liverpool fans who were disappointed by the club’s inaction in acquiring a new goalkeeper on transfer deadline day.


Yes, Adrian is rungs below Alisson Becker in terms of quality. But he’s nowhere near being Calamity James Version 2.0. Just give him some game time and he’ll be fine.


WATCH: Adrian's best training ground saves


It’s just plain silly to be calling on the club to buy another goalie. 

I mean, do you buy a new car just because your current one has to be in the workshop for a few weeks?


Some fans are also complaining that getting just one top player in the form of Thiago Alcantara isn’t enough. They want a big-name striker to replace Roberto Firmino who has only scored twice since January.


Guys, there’s a reason Firmino’s called a False 9. The way I see it, he’s the perfect wingman (for Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah) who doesn’t play on the wing.


Look, I must admit, I wanted to wake up to news that we signed Kylian Mbappe. But I’m a realist. I know a last-minute marquee striker would not happen. And I’m glad we’re not a club that just splashes the cash in a gratuitous show of wealth. It shows we have a sound management that we should rejoice in having.


So, dear Liverpool fans who are panicking right now, you need to calm down. 


Yes, we got mauled 7-2 by - of all teams - Aston Villa, who were almost relegated last season.


Yes, that was an utterly pathetic performance by the defending champions.


But this does not mean we need more world-class players. It’s an illogical statement to make. Victories aren’t determined by the number of marquee players in the team. 


Hello, look at Chelsea. Enough said.


Monday morning’s epic capitulation was nothing more than a freak result. It really was just a bad day in the office. We’ve all experienced days when nothing would go right. It’s one of those moments in time when you wonder if there’s a glitch in the matrix. 


And like all glitches, they hardly last long.


Look at this objectively. Losing Alisson and Sadio Mane to injury and Covid was a big blow. This was compounded by the fact that Virgil van Dijk and Joe Gomez were both a long way off their best form. Our midfield was strangely listless as well.


WATCH: How Sadio Mane became Liverpool's goalscoring machine


And then there’s the fact that Adrian practically gifted Villa the first goal. Furthermore, not one, nor two, but THREE of Villa's goals were a result of deflections.


On the other hand, Villa were simply amazing. Ollie Watkins was magnificent.


Combine all these factors and the result becomes a lot more believable. 


Think of it this way – the last time we lost so spectacularly was 57 years ago. And in case you’ve forgotten, we are now living in 2020, the Year of the Absurd. 


There’s really no need to overthink the result. That shambolic outing at Villa Park isn’t an indication of dark days to come or deep-seated problems within the team.


In fact, this Liverpool squad we have right now – as much as you cannot believe it at this very instance – is the strongest we have had in decades.


Our midfield is brimming with talent. Mark my words, Alcantara will help us retain the title.


WATCH: Thiago Alcantara sets his sights on winning every trophy at Liverpool


We are also flushed with attacking options. We used to solely rely on Divock Origi as an impact sub, but we now have Takumi Minamino and Diogo Jota, both of whom just need a teeny-weeny bit more time to get into the groove. 


Yes, we could use another solid central defender, but Fabinho had shown in that match against Chelsea that he can deputise in that position effortlessly in the short term.


There is, however, one piece of criticism that I agree with wholeheartedly – Klopp needs to be less stubborn when it comes to employing the high pressing game and trying to play the opponents offside.


I mentioned this in the match preview for Liverpool vs Leeds, saying that playing the way we always do could result in calamity, and it nearly did as we scraped a 4-3 win. Luck wasn’t on our side anymore when we played Aston Villa. 


It’s evident that teams have learned how to deal with this approach. It’s time to evolve and be a little more flexible. We don’t always have to play heavy metal football.


Sometimes a slow love song might just be what we need.

Speaking of love songs, I reckon “You’ll Never Walk Alone” became our accidental love song for the Red Devils after their 6-1 throbbing by Spurs.


Oh, by the way, I think Man United signing Edinson Cavani would be bad news for us – if this transfer took place five years ago. 


Sure, the man has been prolific at Paris Saint-Germain, but come on, the Premier League is nothing like Ligue 1.


WATCH: All of Cavani's 2019/2020 Ligue 1 goals


Look, Cavani is not going to be the next Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Because there can only be one Zlatan. Rather, he’s going to become just like the last Uruguayan flop at Old Trafford - Diego Forlan.


United are in shambles. It’s clear that they no long have the pull to bring in anyone they want.


Time to bring Sir Alex Ferguson out of retirement.




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