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After 30 years of hurt, Liverpool are finally EPL champions – now, let the gloating begin!


It’s official – Liverpool are champions of England once again, after 30 long years. 


Having had to suffer incessant taunts from rival fans (here’s looking at you, Manchester United supporters) about their missing EPL title, today is the day where Reds fans can finally hold their heads up high, and change their mantra from “This year will be our year” to “This year IS our year”.


WATCH: Liverpool crowned 2019/2020 EPL champions


But enough talk. This day does not belong to you or I. It belongs to the legions of Liverpool fans who are deservedly delirious with joy over their team’s triumph.


And so, it is to them that we go to for this article, as they share with us their thoughts on Liverpool winning their first-ever EPL title.


Also, fair warning to Manchester United fans. You’re not going to like what you’re about to read.


Let’s start with our top marathoner in Singapore, Soh Rui Yong, a man who’s never been afraid to speak his mind.

“I’ve been supporting this club since 2002. My dad loved Thierry Henry's Arsenal, and I wanted to root against him, so I'm super happy to finally see Liverpool be crowned champions after an 18-year wait! A big thank you to Chelsea, the team who ****** it up for us in 2014. I won't say anything to Man United fans as it's not nice to kick people who are already down.”


Eighteen years might seem like a long time, but if there’s someone who knows how to go the distance, it’s Rui Yong.


Next up is Football Siao fan Manjit Sidhu, a lifelong supporter of Liverpool who couldn’t resist sending a message to the Man United fans out there.

“It wasn't the easiest of seasons, we had luck on our side at times but ground out victories with sheer determination. We had a break in the season due to Covid-19 which didn't quite help us. Nonetheless, it’s been a brilliant run resulting in us being champions! Let's build on this and fight for the league again next season.


“Also, I’d like to say a word for the Man United fans who are so sour, sore and blind to admit the best team won this season, breaking their record of the earliest Premier league win with seven games to spare. They keep taunting us on having to wait 30 years for a title, forgetting it took them 41 years to win theirs (1911 - 1952). It’s time to celebrate our victory and celebrate we will!”


Manjit’s certainly not mincing his words, but I guess all’s fair in love, war, and football rivalries.


However, another Liverpool fan, Dominic Neo, actually thinks Man United fans have been quite nice this season. Sort of.


“Suddenly, all is right with the world again, even if it’s just for a day. I’ve nothing to say about Man United fans - they’ve been very respectful this season. I have not heard a “GGMU” in a while, but that’s because they are practicing safe distancing, aren’t they? They needn’t worry, though – it’s said that keeping a distance of 2 metres is ideal, but since we are 37 points apart, they’re really quite safe. Nice bunch of fans.”


Speaking of safe distancing, has anyone seen a Man United fan anywhere today? Anyone?


Staying on the subject of Man United fans, let’s hear from die-hard Liverpool advocate Edmund Ho, who had to grow up in the same house with a Red Devil-supporting elder brother. Maybe he can shed some light on what this title victory means to the many other long-suffering Reds fans out there.


“Oh my god, 30 years of hurt is no more! After years and years of being taunted by my brother during the Man United glory days, the tables have finally turned. Now, at least my brother cannot keep harping on the fact that Liverpool stopped winning league titles the moment I was born!”


Frankly, we can’t wait to hear about how their next family reunion goes.


WATCH: Celebratory scenes of Liverpool's previous league title win 30 years ago


Meanwhile, Max Chua, who sports a ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ tattoo on his arm, and a tattoo of the Liverpool logo on his chest, was less keen to gloat, and more interested in giving credit to this record-breaking Liverpool team.


He started by quoting the lyrics to – yes, you’ve probably already guessed it – the ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone anthem.’ He then went on to say: “Liverpool are a club that focuses on playing for the people and city. We made it as Champions today, all thanks to the supporters, fans, players, manager, owner – every single one of them played a part. The team just created history again, but we have to keep fighting on! We want history to capture all our achievements!”


After this historic day, can you really blame Max for dreaming about an era of domination for Liverpool?


What about Singapore’s Liverpool-supporting Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan-Jin? What does he have to say about Liverpool’s title win?

Posting on his Facebook page, Tan first wrote: “The 30 years wait is over. But it’s all about the relentless amazing irresistible Liverpool FC and their 19th title. Champions with a massive asterisk because of their totally dominant performance. #YNWA”.


He then followed this up with another post, which was accompanied with a picture of him smiling in his Liverpool jersey. He wrote: “When you get knocked out in the UEFA Champions League Finals, what do you do? You pick yourself up and win it the next year. When you lose the English Premier League by one point, what do you do? You pick yourself up and win it the next year. #NeverGiveUp #DoubterstoBelievers #YNWA”


Even Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong got in on the act, congratulating Liverpool like he would a newly-elected leader of a country. He wrote in a Facebook post: “Woke up this morning to find an email from a friend – a lifelong supporter of Liverpool FC – telling me the glad news. He was over the moon – Liverpool has waited 30 years to win the Premier League title. It just shows that hard work and perseverance pays off in the end, but good fortune helps too! Congratulations to all LFC fans – hope you are strictly observing safe distancing precautions while celebrating!”


Well, whether you’re a Liverpool fan or not, I think we can all agree that they are the clear and deserved winners of the 2019/2020 English Premier League. 


So, once again, from Football Siao to Liverpool, a hearty congratulations on being crowned the champions of England.




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