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Ronaldo tries to play the victim, but Manchester United fans aren’t buying it

In time to come, history will remember Cristiano Ronaldo as football’s undeniable GOAT: the Greatest of all Twats.


At least, that will be how most Manchester United fans will view the Portuguese from here on out, after he decided to do the unforgivable – grant an exclusive interview to Piers Morgan.


The contents of the explosive interview, however, were not much better. In it, Ronaldo accused current United manager Erik ten Hag of disrespecting him, and claimed that he has been “betrayed” by certain people at the club.


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“People should hear the truth. Yes, I feel betrayed. Some people don't want me here not only this year, but last year too,” Ronaldo moaned. “Not only the coach, but the other two or three guys around the club.


“I don't have respect for him (Ten Hag) because he doesn't show respect for me. If you don't have respect for me, I'm never gonna have respect for you.”


Ronaldo also criticised the club for failing to progress over the years, as he revealed that they continue to re-live the glory years of the 90s and 2000s by refusing to change a thing since then.


“I don't know what's going on. Since Sir Alex Ferguson left I have seen not evolution in the club. The progress was zero,” Ronaldo shared. “Nothing changes. Not only the jacuzzi, the pool, even the gym. Even some points of technology, the kitchen, the chefs - who I appreciate, lovely people! They stop in time which surprised me a lot.


“I thought I would see different things, technology, infrastructure. Unfortunately, we see many things I'm used to seeing when I'm 21, 22, 23. It surprised me a lot.”


Ronaldo then tried to get into the good books of the United fans by claiming that he was only exposing all these embarrassing secrets only because they deserve the “truth”, in what must be the most barefaced lie in football since Sepp Blatter declared there was no corruption in FIFA.


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“I think the fans should know the truth. I want the best for the club. This is why I come to Manchester United,” Ronaldo said, presumably while wiping an eye-drop from his eye. “But you have some things inside that don't help [us] reach the top level as City, Liverpool and even now Arsenal...a club with this dimension should be top of the tree in my opinion and they are not unfortunately.


“As Picasso said, you have to destroy it to rebuild it (the artist's exact quote was: 'Every act of creation is first an act of destruction') and if they start with me, for me, it's not a problem. I love Manchester United, I love the fans, they're always on my side. But if they want to do it different… they have to change many, many things.”


According to reports, Ronaldo’s interview has not gone down well with his teammates, who only found out about what he had said after this morning’s (SGT) last-gasp 2-1 win over Fulham.


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And it appears the 37-year-old has also failed to convince most United fans – beyond the fanboys and fanbots – that he is only dispensing such tough love because of his affection for the club.


Whether Ronaldo is right or wrong, one thing is for sure – Liverpool fans must be loving every minute of this self-inflicted implosion at Old Trafford.




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