Later News Feb 15

Rival fans mock Man City after UEFA bans them from European competitions for two seasons

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


It wasn’t too long ago – just last season, in fact – that English champions Manchester City were feted by all and sundry as the best footballing team in England.


Today, however, the club finds themselves the subject of ridicule and mockery from rival fans, following Uefa’s ban on them from European competitions for two seasons for breaching Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.


In addition, the reigning – but soon to be dethroned – English Premier League (EPL) champions were also fined £25m (S$45m).


Worse still, the Citizens could potentially face a EPL points deduction in future, as the English league’s FFP rules are similar to Uefa’s.


Man City, however, have outlined their intention to appeal Uefa’s ruling with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.


For now, though, rival fans of Man City are simply basking in the joy of seeing arguably the most dominant team in England over the past three years fall from glory.


It seems that the very same group of fans who came out to praise and thank Man City for beating Liverpool to the EPL title last season, are also the first to delight in the club’s current woes.


Some Arsenal fans believe they know the real reason why Uefa were so uncharacteristically efficient in punishing Man City for breaching FFP.


To be honest, it’s hard to pity Man City too much when you think back to the obscene amounts of money they’ve spent on certain players over the years.


With Man City now unable to participate in European competitions for the next two seasons, what does the future hold for them?




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