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Mourinho calls Son Heung-min and Hugo Lloris bust-up ‘beautiful’

We daresay that here at Football Siao, our definition of beauty is vastly different to that of Jose Mourinho’s.


Case in point – while we found this morning’s (SGT) on-pitch bust-up between Son Heung-min and Hugo Lloris distasteful at best, Mourinho called it “beautiful”.


For context, both Son and Lloris clashed during the half-time break of Tottenham Hotspur’s 1-0 win over Everton – a match that was anything but beautiful – with the Spurs custodian seemingly upset with the winger for failing to track the run of Richarlison just minutes before.


While the spat did not come close to reaching Dyer-Bowyer levels, it still looked serious enough that several other Spurs players had to come in between the two of them to ensure that the situation would not escalate.


Instead of chiding the two for their unprofessionalism, however, Mourinho – who has himself been involved with numerous bust-ups over the years with opposing backroom staff – praised them, and for some reason, seemed intent on taking credit for the bust-up. 


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Speaking after the game about the incident, the Portuguese said: “It’s beautiful. It's probably as a consequence of our meetings. If you want to blame someone for that it's me. I was critical of my boys -- they were not critical enough with themselves.


“I asked them to be more demanding of each other. Son is an amazing kid; everybody likes Son but the captain told him you have to do more and give more to the team.”


Mourinho, who would like nothing more than to remind you that he has won three English Premier League titles, then somehow managed to weasel in yet another reference to his glory days.


He said: “A team of good boys and nice boys the only thing they want to win at the end of the season is the fair play cup and I've never been interested in winning that. 


“I don't like a team that doesn't have a critical sense. What happened at halftime shouldn't have happened there, it should have happened just inside the dressing room.


“But I can promise you my winning teams had big fights.”


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There was eventually a happy ending for Son and Lloris, with the two of them making a very public show of hugging each other just after the break, and then again at full-time.