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Football Siao partners Fantasy Football developers The FanMetric for Euros 2020

The European Championships are upon us, which means it is only a matter of weeks before England’s new ‘Golden Generation’ fails to live up to expectations once again, and exits at the quarter-finals to a VAR-related controversy that will have their legion of die-hard fans crying foul and demanding an investigation into the standard of refereeing.


In other words, it’ll just be like another weekend in the English Premier League (EPL).


The good news is, you can now pre-empt England’s inevitable ‘misfortune’ and even win great prizes from it, when you take part (and choose the players going up against the Three Lions) in The FanMetric’s (TFM) newly-launched Euros 2020 Fantasy 7s competition.


Unlike the usual fantasy football games, where you have to spend an inordinate amount of time pondering over which 11 players and four substitutes you want letting you down that weekend, TFM’s Fantasy 7s streamlines the process by having you simply choose a 7-a side team with three substitutes.

Hot tip: Do NOT choose Werner as your striker.


With a budget of just €50, you will have to cast aside your dreams of spending like Pep Guardiola, and instead be smart about which players you want to bring into your team. You ARE allowed to exceed your budget, but a 60-point penalty will apply for every €1 you overspend – making it a more effective deterrent than Uefa’s shambolic Financial Fair Play regulations.


You will have to fill your team with a player from each of these key positions: Goalkeeper, Centre-back, Full-back, Winger, Defensive Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, and Striker.


A point to note: there is a diversity rule which encourages you to pick a maximum number of players from the same team during the different stages of the competition. This means you should choose just one player per team during the group stages and round-of-16. This number goes up to two players in the quarter-finals, four players in the semi-finals, and finally, a limitless number of players per team in the final.


You are allowed to break the diversity rule, but a penalty of 40 points will be incurred for every additional player you select.


Once you are done with your main selection, choose your captain from your starting line-up – these players will receive a 1.25x bonus based on their performance.


You will also be given three unique power-up chips which can only be used once throughout the tournament. They are:


- Fox-In-The-Box: All attacking players (Attacking midfielder, Winger, Striker) receive a 1.25x points bonus.

- Park The Bus: All defensive players (Centre-back, Full-back, Defensive midfielder) receive a 1.25x points bonus. Using this chip also makes Jose Mourinho happy.

- No-Limit: Get sponsored by Sheik Mansour for a Matchweek and exceed your bank balance without any budget penalties.


Users will also be rewarded with extra budget for the next matchweek based on the number of points they earn in the current round, and vice versa.


A total of seven rounds (from June 12 to July 12) will be played, including both the group stages and knockout rounds. Player points are accumulated throughout the Euros 2020, and are ranked on an overall leaderboard.


However, if you’re like Brendan Rodgers and don’t have the stamina for a full campaign, you can always aim to win the ‘Best 3 rounds’ mini competition, which rewards the top-3 users who score the most points from their best three matchweeks.


Or if you’re really, really bad at fantasy football games, there is also a Match of the Week prediction that allows you to simply input Win, Draw, or Loss for each match every week. The user with the highest points will win a prize at the end of the Euros.


Click this link to sign up or find out more about TFM’s Euros 2020s Fantasy 7s competition. If you have questions about the game, or would like to participate in the Fantasy community, join The FanMetric’s Telegram Chat here.


We at Football Siao are proud to be the content partner for TFM’s Euros 2020 Fantasy 7s competition. Stay tuned to FBS for more Euros 2020 content this coming month!




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