About Us

When you fall in love with an EPL club, it's very often for better or worse, till death do you part. 

Football Siao is about Liverpool fans' obsession to be reunited with the EPL trophy, despite her having left for 30 years.


It's about Man U fans coming to grips with the realisation that there is no life after Sir Alex, no matter how many £500,000 per week contracts they hand out.


It's Arsenal fans reminiscing about the good old days where they celebrate St Totteringham's Day, and Spurs fans wondering if they have to Google their next new signing.

It's about Manchester City and Chelsea fans, all five of them.

It's for every parent who disowned their child for supporting a rival club, for every husband who forced their wives to wear a football jersey when they win a trophy.

Football Siao is for crazy EPL fans. Because there is no other sort of fan.