Apr 06

Man City's Kyle Walker caught for sex party – after urging fans to stay safe

Mar 24

The Helpful One: Mourinho delivers food to elderly affected by COVID-19 lockdown

Mar 23

Liverpool deserve to be Premier League champions, says former Man United star Wayne Rooney

Mar 20

Liverpool’s title win appears inevitable as EPL commits to finishing season

Mar 19

Here’s how EPL’s top stars are helping in the battle against COVID-19

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Wacky, candid, and totally Singlish. Experience the EPL with a Singaporean twist.

Football Siao Cartoon Heroes 1: Park the bus!

Faster WatchJan 28
0:30 min

Go Big or Balik Kampung

Faster WatchJan 13
2:25 min

The Mil-LIAN-nial talks about armpit hair, diving and…Klopp at a ‘siam diu’?

Con-MentatorsNov 05
2:33 min

Are you fan enough? Manchester United and Liverpool edition

Faster WatchNov 04
1:40 min

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Our columnists share their analysis on the hottest topics in the EPL…oh, who are we kidding? They just want to troll their rival clubs and fans. Brace yourself – it’s going to get ugly.

5 fantasy transfers I hope will happen in the EPL next season

Apr 03

Harry Kane wants to leave Spurs. Must be a slow news day

Mar 31

4 FIFA 2020 matches that football fans would pay money to watch

Mar 26

Ms Lee Bee Wah, please lead us in singing You'll Never Walk Alone in this time of Covid-19

Mar 25

The show MUST go on for the EPL if Liverpool are to be legit winners

Mar 18

Liverpool’s goalie sings a different tune, again

Mar 12

The fall of Tottenham - Blame everybody

Mar 11

Thankful Liverpool humbled by Manchester United's victory over Manchester City

Mar 09

I'll be united with fans of Liverpool when the Red Devils face Manchester City this weekend

Mar 06

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These masters of Fengshui, Mathematics, Fitness and Hacking have cracked the code to predicting football matches. Or so they say. Believe them at your own risk.

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New-look Spurs will kill off Man City’s title challenge for good

Jan 31

Liverpool or Manchester United? The answer should be obvious enough

Jan 17

Cardio-focused Man Utd should outrun lethargic Arsenal for a win

Dec 31

Arteta's Ba Zi fits perfectly with Arsenal, so take them to beat Chelsea

Dec 27

Nobody can stop Liverpool. Not even former Reds manager Brendan Rodgers

Dec 26

Pressure and stress mean Man City will triumph narrowly against Leceister

Dec 20

Man City, Arsenal to share the spoils in battle of the bald

Dec 13

Man City will beat Man United in the EPL this weekend, but does it really matter?

Dec 06

Mourinho is demanding respect, so Spurs to score three against United

Dec 03

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Using the most sophisticated spyware available, Social Media, our resident stalker provides you with unique insight into the minds of your favourite EPL stars. 

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