Nov 05

The Mil-LIAN-nial talks about armpit hair, diving and…Klopp at a ‘siam diu’?

Dec 11

Revenge of the Shaw! Man United left-back embarrasses ex-teammate Lukaku with epic burn on Twitter

Dec 10

Big-money signing Pepe finally scores as Arsenal move away from relegation with win over West Ham

Dec 09

Leicester, cheered on by fans of Liverpool’s rivals, beat Villa to remain in the EPL title race

Dec 06

Wenger out, Emery out, and now…Arsenal out? Gunners fans finally give up on club after Brighton loss

Dec 01

Shelvey finally becomes a hero at Liverpool, six years after leaving the club

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Wacky, candid, and totally Singlish. Experience the EPL with a Singaporean twist.

Are you fan enough? Manchester United and Liverpool edition

Faster WatchNov 04
1:40 min

VAR leaves Lim Pek baffled and confused

Con-MentatorsOct 30
4:00 min

Solskjaer Tan compares Klopp to the Joker in Man United vs Liverpool review

Con-MentatorsOct 22
3:24 min

The Big Bad Wolf has Mak Cik Ros purring in delight as Wolves destroy Man City

Con-MentatorsOct 10
2:52 min

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Our columnists share their analysis on the hottest topics in the EPL…oh, who are we kidding? They just want to troll their rival clubs and fans. Brace yourself – it’s going to get ugly.

Liverpool’s Inevitables are coming for Arsenal’s Invincibles

Dec 06

After Tottenham Hotspur's loss at Man United, Jose Mourinho's report card so far is a B

Dec 05

Man United fans can now hope they win against Man City – there's Leicester to keep Liverpool honest

Dec 05

Solskjaer, it's time to be ruthless and drop the nice guy act... or it might be time to drop you

Dec 03

Now that Emery’s out, what should the next Arsenal manager be like?

Dec 02

Can't stand Liverpool, but your team sucks? Then let's start a fan club for Leicester City

Nov 28

Mourinho has got Tottenham believing again. And that's bad news for their top-four rivals

Nov 27

Mourinho enjoys new manager bump with win over West Ham, but Spurs show they're still Spursy

Nov 24

Three things to look out for in Mourinho’s first match in charge of Tottenham

Nov 22

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Man City, Arsenal to share the spoils in battle of the bald

Dec 13

Man City will beat Man United in the EPL this weekend, but does it really matter?

Dec 06

Mourinho is demanding respect, so Spurs to score three against United

Dec 03

Frowning Klopp means Liverpool won't score too many against Brighton

Nov 29

Mourinho brings joy and laughter, so West Ham stand no chance

Nov 22

Liverpool's dark magic to run out against Man City's blue moon

Nov 08

Man City to go all out for big win against Southampton

Nov 01

Winter is coming in and there's no full moon, so a draw for Arsenal and Wolves

Nov 01

Probability formulaes say Liverpool will triumph against Villa

Nov 01

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