Oct 21

Klopp clashes with Carragher over Liverpool transfer activity following Van Dijk’s injury

Oct 18

Bad news, Liverpool - Virgil Van Dijk could be out for the rest of the season

Oct 16

Ancelotti's Everton are our title rivals, says Liverpool boss Klopp

Oct 15

Plans to overhaul English football unanimously rejected by all 20 Premier League clubs

Oct 12

Liverpool, Manchester United back plan for major Premier League overhaul

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EPL Ultimate Player: Midfielders (feat. ex-Home United star Rhysh Roshan Rai)

Faster WatchJun 10
14:49 min

EPL Ultimate Player: Defenders (feat. Blade of God R. Sasikumar)

Faster WatchJun 08
14:35 min

EPL Ultimate Player: Goalkeepers (feat. Lion City Sailors' Hassan Sunny)

Faster WatchJun 05
16:15 min

Hantam Bola: Ep 1, part 3 - The fight for top-5

Faster WatchMar 06
8:14 min

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Our columnists share their analysis on the hottest topics in the EPL…oh, who are we kidding? They just want to troll their rival clubs and fans. Brace yourself – it’s going to get ugly.

Liverpool and Manchester United fans are optimistic about their team's title hopes

Oct 24

Spurs 3 West Ham 3 - Mourinho gets Spursy

Oct 19

eVARton 2 Liverpool 2 – Time to VAR the VAR

Oct 18

The once mighty Manchester United are no longer great. So, is it time to sack Solskjaer?

Oct 14

Eh, Liverpool fans, jangan tension lah

Oct 07

Manchester United 1 Tottenham Hotspur 6 - I'm sorry for ever doubting Mourinho

Oct 05

Which was more embarrassing - Manchester United's defeat, or Liverpool's?

Oct 05

Liverpool are going to win the Premier League title this season. Unless...

Oct 02

Guardiola's Manchester City aristocrats ready to steamroll Bielsa's Leeds upstarts

Oct 02

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New-look Spurs will kill off Man City’s title challenge for good

Jan 31

Liverpool or Manchester United? The answer should be obvious enough

Jan 17

Cardio-focused Man Utd should outrun lethargic Arsenal for a win

Dec 31

Arteta's Ba Zi fits perfectly with Arsenal, so take them to beat Chelsea

Dec 27

Nobody can stop Liverpool. Not even former Reds manager Brendan Rodgers

Dec 26

Pressure and stress mean Man City will triumph narrowly against Leceister

Dec 20

Man City, Arsenal to share the spoils in battle of the bald

Dec 13

Man City will beat Man United in the EPL this weekend, but does it really matter?

Dec 06

Mourinho is demanding respect, so Spurs to score three against United

Dec 03

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